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About us






Welcome, if you've come to our website, it means that as we you are passionate about architecture. So we invite you on a journey through Polish and world pearls of architecture. We will show you interesting projects of buildings, which have won prestigious architectural awards. We will tell about the styles that have developed over the centuries in architecture and we will present a series of competitions and prizes that can earn the architects for their work.

We will discuss the important issue of sustainable architecture and we tell about the assumptions and practical solutions applied in the context of this trend or perhaps even more broadly- ideas.





Our team consists of people for whom architecture is a passion and a way of life.


For years, some of us were involved in the design of new buildings, others are art historians for whom architecture over the centuries is the main point of interest.


Because we have a large theoretical knowledge and extensive practical experience we will also talk about the workshop of the architect and the pitfalls and difficulties that are associated with this work.


"To create architecture is to ask questions (...) Get close to your own responses "

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